Gt racing motor academy hd nokia c7

Tuesday, 30 October GT Racing: Motor Academy HD symbian 3.

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GT Racing: Motor Academy HD is an impressive racing game for Nokia devices. It features more than cars across 15 tracks.

Motor Academy HD is divided into three main areas: Career Mode, Arcade and Multi-player. Perhaps not, but the bar has been significantly raised on mobile games since the N-gage was retired, and regular users will likely have an X-Box or PS3 in their life.

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So GT Racing is going to be measured by me against all those other games, both the current ones and those in the past. The track manages to be a ridiculously wide and flat four lane carriageway all the way around the principality where it should be narrowing towards the turn and have opposite camber. While this critique of the track modelling might not seem an important point especially if youre not used to hurling a digital car round famous racing tracks from around the world , it shows the care and mechanics of the core gameplay.

Game for N8 (GT Racing Motor Academy HD)

From experience, if these "real" tracks don't feel right, neither does the rest of the game. The Corkscrew - Alex Zanardi would not be proud.

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GT Racing Motor Academy HD

Using the tilt controls on the N8 is natural, but unfortunatly the difference between what you do in real life and what you do on the screen at different speeds does not feel natural. At high speeds, it's easy to move around the road with just a tiny steering input say to overtake another car. To steer round a big corner, you need a nice big turning motion of your phone.

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  • gt racing motor academy hd free download symbian 3.
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  • GT Racing Motor Academy HD v Symbian^3 - Nokia N8, E7, C and C7 - Free Download!

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